Love Newport Beach October 15th, 2022

Thanks for considering being a part of the annual “Love Newport Beach” Citywide community volunteer service day. We are honored to facilitate this time where our whole community can work together to practically Volunteer and make a difference in our city. 

As churches, businesses, agencies and City Hall work together on this incredible day each year, our hope is that it connects us more with one another, creates more civic pride/concern, makes a difference in some very practical ways and leads to ongoing involvement by volunteers in various non-profits and organizations throughout the year.  

Together we can impact schools, neighborhoods, and non-profits causes in our city. As a leader in our community, we appreciate your willingness to leverage your influence to make our city better. 


We really hope you will seriously consider how you can play a part this year.


Here are 4 ways to get involved; you can do 1 or all based on your interest and capacity to engage. 

1. Join our Planning Team! We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about making a different in the City of Newport Beach. One of the best ways to make an impact is to join our planning team for this year’s Citywide Volunteer Day. There’s a variety of positions available such as attending meetings, connecting with different partnerships and organizations, administrative & communications skills, handing out flyers and signs, helping with social media and the like. 

2. Identify projects that could be done in our city:  They can be at a school, in your neighborhood, for a non-profit, at a church, for a local business that is struggling because of cutbacks with COVID, etc. Simply go to www.LoveNewportBeach.org and under “City Wide Volunteer Day”, choose “Submit a Project.” It will go into the system and we will be in touch about next steps and identifying a project leader for that project. 

3. Be or recruit a Project Leader(s): Good reliable project leaders are integral to making Love Newport Beach successful. If you or people you know would like to Volunteer in that way, give us their names and their contact info (cell # and email) and we’ll work with them on a project that they choose or we can match them to.  

4. Help to financially sponsor the event: Marketing, T-Shirts, the website, administrative support, supplies for the projects, these all cost money. You can be an event sponsor and get some recognition on our t-Shirts and promotional materials. (See Sponsorship Tab) There is no other serving event designed to collectively bring people together and impact our city like “Love Newport Beach”.  

If you have any questions or would like to follow up with anything on this, please contact our Love Newport Beach Team and we will make sure you get what you need.  We appreciate your consideration and look forward to continuing the journey of learning how to be “better together.”